Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Killing Joke-Killing Joke


Artist: Killing Joke
Album: Killing Joke
Label: EG
Year: 1980

Chalk this one up to the albums I'd always heard of but slept on for years category. Honestly, I don't know why I even bought this album, I think I just saw it for cheap enough on CD that I figured if I didn't buy it at this price, I was never going to bother with it. But what a mistake that would've been, because this album is essential and one of the best of the post-punk era!
"Requiem" really sets the tone and it's slow and brooding place work well. It feels like an overture for the rest of the record. Extremely rough guitars that sound like a fucking tool-set just as much as they sound like guitars (a sound Steve Albini would notice more than just a little. clearly a huge influence for him.)
In truth, every song on this album is excellent, and while there is certainly an industrial feel with the way the instruments sound, there is still unbelievably catchy choruses and hooks.
The only thing I'm sure anyone would really complain about (and I'm sure MOST people may complain about it) with the album is the production. Boy does it sounds like the 80s. The drums and vocals are riddled with that "EIGHTIES PRODUCTION" sound...and it does annoy a bit, but the strength of the songs make up for it.
This is still the only Killing Joke I know, and I probably should get their second and third albums, as well. But for now, this album still kicks a tremendous amount of ass, and I'm quite satisfied with it.

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