Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fugs-First Album


Artist: Fugs
Album: Fugs First Album
Label: Fantasy
Year: 1965

It was bound to happen...as I attempt to listen to every release I own (what am I on? 12/1000ish...?), I'm bound to be disappointed. The Fugs remain an influential band because of the tone of their first two releases and early singles. A bunch of Bleecker Street beatnicks decided to make a rock and roll album. Cool idea right?
Listening to it over five...six years after I first heard the band...the album seems tired and dated. The funny songs like "Slum Goddess" and "Boobs A Lot" just aren't that funny. The folkie stuff isn't that catchy...the worst thing is I just can't see a reason to listen to this album. Like at all.
The Godz were definitely weirder...Holy Modal Rounders were not only better musicians and songwriters...but they didn't start to suck after their first two albums...they actually massively improved! And in terms of sheer minimalism and weirdos from the mid-60s...The Monks perfected it.
Maybe I'll go back in a few months and take back this review...I mean this is the first time I've ever really not enjoyed this record. But jeez, it's just not that good. And not even the bonus/early tracks like "CIA Man" or "We're The Fugs" seem that interesting at all.
Heavily dated, well-intentioned but not that great.

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