Friday, October 23, 2015

Mahmoud Ahmed-Almaz: Ethiopiques Volume 6

Artist: Mahmoud Ahmed
Album: Almaz: Ethiopiques Volume 6
Label: Buda Musique
Year: 2004

The sixth volume of the superb CD series, Ethiopiques which is an ongoing compilation of popular Ethiopian music, features the performances of 70s-era musician Mahmoud Ahmed. The first three songs on this compilation form a sort of suite, featuring a similar bass riff and basically the same chord progression. Part of the reason I want to try to go back and listen to everything I own is because, until relatively recently, I didn't pay much mind to sound quality on releases, and doing so has been fun. This release, however, does not really offer me the chance to analyze sound quality. The whole release is built on the strength of the feel and texture of the performances in these songs which are remarkable. Over an hour of delightful R&B music, slow and fast, hard and tender. Feels like the energy of a James Brown show at the Apollo. Great release!

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