Friday, October 9, 2015

Agitation Free-Second (1973)

Artist: Agitation Free
Label: Vertigo
Year: 1973

Second picks up right where Malesch leaves off, and we are left with only the best parts of the first album. Thumping bass, beautiful guitar interplay, and a lot more structure than the first side of the first album. The free-form jams and the eastern sound of Malesch have given way to a much more structured record.
I guess I don't have as much to say as I wish I did. The album's centerpiece and best song "Laila, Part 2." A soaring guitar masterpiece that does everything great Krautrock as a genre does. Repetition, throbbing bass, rolling drums, dynamic guitar interplay. This is probably my favorite guitar-based Krautrock album (as opposed to electronic stuff like Ashra).

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